2022 Drexel AI Symposium will feature several notable speakers and panelists from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania and will focus on the topic of Translations of AI in Bioinformatics, Medicine, and Imaging.

Our objective is to expand the knowledge of AI applications used in the healthcare industry and promote patient care, precision medication, better diagnoses, and predictions of current and prospective issues for effective treatment.

Presented by the Drexel Society of Artificial Intelligence, the annual Drexel AI Symposium will be held in person and online on May 28-29, 2022. The symposium will focus on key advances and future vision for artificial intelligence in medicine:

  1. AI-based Radiology
  2. Artificial intelligence, soft computing, and neural network analysis in bioinformatics
  3. Bioinformatics in precision medicine, vaccine design, and drug development
  4. AI-assisted computational modeling
  5. Computational intelligence in bio- and clinical medicine
  6. Data analytics and mining for biomedical decision support
  7. New computational platforms and models for biomedicine
  8. AI in medical and healthcare education
  9. Methodological, philosophical, ethical, and social issues of AI in healthcare, medically-oriented human biology, and medicine.
The conference will provide free food and merchandise, internship/coop opportunities, and the opportunity to meet top professors in the fields of AI and Medicine.


May 6, 2022

  • The form to register for the 2022 Drexel AI Symposium is now open! Visit the Register page to reserve your spot at the event!
  • We are pleased to announce that the Symposium is now FREE for all students, thanks to a generous donation from Drexel University!
  • Drexel AI Symposium is no longer accepting papers and posters for the event. Thank you for your submissions!

May 3, 2022

  • 2022 Drexel AI Symposium interest forms are now open! Please visit the Participate page to sign up to receive email updates for the event and to express to us that you are planning to attend.
  • The form to submit papers and posters to be featured in the Symposium is still open! Visit the Submissions page to upload your research.



Saturday, May 28 (in-person)

Sunday, May 29 (Zoom Link)


Drexel University

Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building

3245 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104


(includes 2 meals and other amenities)


Free (thank you to our generous donors!)